What is happening this week!

Zoo Field Trip!!   Well, it has been quite a week for us all!    We have dived right into mammals and birds as our vision on animals continues.    We are very excited to go to the Jacksonville zoo this FRIDAY to put some of our learning to action and see real life examples and differences.   Remember: we are meeting in the parking lot at promptly 8:00 a.m. so we can get a head start

Book Fair:  Monday-Thursday   To kick off the school year, we are hosting our annual book fair all this week.   We will have the opporunity to go to our all purpose room to pick out books and browse the wonderful world of reading.   I have sent home forms to purchase for our parents to enclose the money and have our kids pick up the books for them!   Proceeds will go to our renovation of our playground and lunchroom for our children this year

Tuesday:    Bring your favorite book to school day!    That's right...send in your child's favorite book for us all to share in the classroom this week.   It will be a good laugh and fun to see what we loved as little ones.   

Wednesday:   We will begin our reading groups each day.   Forming small groups and moving between centers gives each student the opportunity to see a different angle on reading.   We will start small, share ideas, and explore what reading is all about.