Lunch schedule

Breakfast served up daily!   Our friendly cafeteria staff will jumpstart our energy for the day by serving a healthy and nutritious breakfast each day.   Including:

  • cereal (choose from a variety)
  • fresh juices (apple, orange, and cranberry)
  • bagels
  • eggs

It costs $2.00 each day so send your child to us for a healthy serving of breakfast!

Lunch menu:

  • Monday:   Pizza, we will have pepperoni or cheese as options with a side of fresh fruit and milk
  • Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday!     Hard or soft shell tacos, served with rice, beans, and milk
  • Wednesday:   quesadilla, either chicken or cheese and served with vegetable of the day and milk
  • Thursday:   choose between meatloaf or hamburger, served with baked french fries and broccoli, milk
  • Friday:   day at the zoo!    We have included lunch in the original cost already paid, will be provided mid-day on the Jacksonville zoo campus