1) Your first step will be to catch 3-5 insects either at recess, after school on your way home, or even when you’re playing outside after school with your friends or family.

2) The next step is to bring in your collection of insects to class. We will have a designated insect area where we know the insects will be safe and cannot escape.

3) You will then inspect and analyze the insects in your container. You will be expected to draw a picture of each bug that is in your container.

4) With provided class time, you will be assigned a group of 3-4 students and you will all share about the different insects in your container. You will look for similarities and differences within the various collections of insects. To do this, you will fill out a chart that distinguishes the similarities and differences between the various insects.

5) As a group, you will do research on the insects in your containers on the websites listed below under resources.

6) Based on insects you see in your containers and the research you do on them, you will make a group brochure letting the community know of the different insects in the area. Each person of the team will choose one of their insects to include in the brochure. You will include the following details: pictures, living environment, eating habits, etc.

7) The brochure wi
ll be your contribution to the community. Let the talented detective and scientist come out in you.