Whether your child is reading to you, or you are reading to them, daily reading has proved to be an effective way to increase reading fluency. It is the best homework you can do!  I encourage you to spend time reading with your child on a daily basis.  20 minutes of reading each day is recommended. 

Fluency Passage:

Some weeks your child will be sent home with a fluency passage.  Please practice reading this passage each night throughout the week.  I will be keeping track of their timed reading of the passage.

Sight Words:

Please practice power words on a daily basis.  Give your child 3 seconds to read the word, if they don't know it after 3 seconds, help them.  Your child will be quizzed on their power words every two weeks.  New lists of sight words will be given as needed.


Some nights your child might bring home a math practice sheet from Eureka Math.  It will be on a skill we learned in class that day. If your child cannot complete it on their own, please send in a note to let me know so I can reteach the skill.