Mrs. Bertucci's Fifth Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Bertucci's Fifth Grade Class!



Be the best version of yourself!

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be honest.

Be safe.

Follow directions quickly.

Behavior Management-Color Conduct:


Green: The green represents an A in conduct and every student starts on green at the beginning of each day.

Blue:  The blue represents a B in conduct and is a warning.

Yellow:  The yellow represents a C and a loss of privilege and small teacher conference will occur.

Orange:  The orange represents a D in conduct and will result in a loss of recess.

Red:  The red represents a F in conduct and parents will be contacted as well as a loss of recess.


Parent Contact:

 Parents are to check the planner and sign it every evening.  Mrs. Bertucci will stamp or sign the planner each morning making contact with each student and parent daily.  The easiest way to get information to or from Mrs. Bertucci regarding your student is through their daily planner.  However, calling or emailing Mrs. Bertucci will also work.  Please call the school and leave a message or email me at  The childs homework and conduct grade should be written in the planner BY THE STUDENT daily as well.

Important Contact Information:

Chalmette Elementary's Website:

Chalmette Elementary's phone number:


Mrs. Bertucci's email:

Snack and Birthday Treats:

We eat lunch at 12:45pm, which makes for a long morning.  I allow a healthy snack during the morning to help the kids make it until lunch.  Please only send HEALTHY snacks to school.  The kids will be asked to save unhealthy snacks for lunch time.  No chips, candy, cookies, or complicated, messy snacks.  If your child has a Birthday, however, sweets are allowed.  If you want to send snacks for the entire class this is allowed.  Please send enough for everyone.  We currently have 19 students in our class.

Parent Helpers:

I love parent support and I will be calling on you to help in any way that you can. Please contact me with the times you would be availiable to help out in the classroom or with special projects.

Mrs. Bertucci's Scholary Goals for the 2012-2013 school year!

Students will be able to:

Master fractions!

Read difficult texts and know ways to figure out what they say.

Read interesting things and form their own ideas about those things.

Build writing stamina and fluency and become confident in their work!

St. Bernard Parish Grading Scale:

 93 - 100 = A

 92 - 85 = B

 84 - 75 = C

 74 - 67 = D


St. Bernard Parish Fifth Grade Grading Percentages:


20% Selection Test (story and vocabulary)

15% Skills Tests

20% Cold Comprehension Tests

15% Teacher selected Activities

10% End of Nine Week Benchmark Exam

20% GLE quizzes


30% Writing

15% Spelling

20% Conventions of English (Grammar)

10% Teacher Selected Activities

10% Benchmark tests

15% GLE quizzes


Social Studies and Sciences:

25% Projects/Experiments

25% Content Assessments

15% Teacher selected Activities

20% GLE quizzes

15% Benchmark test