Homework for Class 601 (First Marking Period)

Homework # 18 Due Tuesday October 11, 2011:

Create a picture that depicts a fraction. For example, you can draw a picture of a pizza pie that is cut into 8 pieces and has a piece missing. Be creative!! Make sure that it is done on a piece of computer paper and/or construction paper. It needs to be neat and colorful.

Update your Vocabulary Folder.


Homework #17 Due Thursday October 6, 2011:

Complete your study guide. Make sure that you include at least one question per topic. Study for your test tomorrow.

Homework #16 due Wednesday October 5, 2011:

  • Complete the hand-out.
  • Review for the test on
  • . A complete outline can be found on the homepage under Upcoming Test/Quizzes

Homework #15 Due Tuesday October 4, 2011:

  • Complete the hand-out given out in class.

Homework #14 Due Monday October 3, 2011:

  • Complete the Dream House Project. A complete outline of the project can be found under the Projects section of the homepage.
  • Update your vocabulary folders.
  • Review for upcoming Chapter 1 Test.

Homework # 13 Due Wednesday September 28, 2011:

  • Skills Practice page 3.
  • Update your vocabulary folder if you have not done so already
  • Bring back your signed quiz.

Homework #12 Due Tuesday September 27, 2011:

  • Complete the worksheet on perimeter.
  • Update your Vocabulary Folder if you have not done so already.
  • Make sure to bring back your quiz signed by tomorrow.

Homework #11 Due Monday September 26, 2011:

  • Update your Vocabulary Folders. For a complete list of the words you can go to the Vocabulary Folder Section of the website.

Homework #10 Due Friday September 23, 2011:

  •  Complete your Polygon Guide by entering the following information on each page.
  • Page 1: Label that page Polygon and write the definition of a polygon and draw an example.
  • Page 2: Label that page Non-Polygon and write the definition of a non-polygon and draw an example.
  • Page 3: Label the top of the page Concave and in the middle of the page write Convex. Write the definition of each word and draw an example under each heading.
  • Page 4:Label the top of the page Regular and in the middle of the page write Irregular. Write the definition of each word and draw an example under each heading.
  • Page 5: Label the page Types of Angles and list the types of angles we went over in class (acute, obtuse, right, straight and vertical) and draw an example of each.
  • Page 6: On that page you are going to write the formula you use to find the sum of the angle measures in a polygon. (n-2) x 180.
  • Page 7: On that page you get to choose a topic that we have covered that you feel you want to include in your guide.


  • Homework #9 Due Thursday September 22, 2011
  • Complete the hand-out on vertical angles.
  • Review for the quiz tomorrow on Chapter 1. A full list of all of the items that will be on the quiz can be found under the Review for Test/Quizzes on the homepage.  

Homework #8 Due Wednesday September 21, 2011

  • Complete the hand-out on vertical angles. If you are having difficulty you can look in your Red Handbook on page 260 for help.

Homework #7 Due Tuesday September 20, 2011:

Study Guide and Intervention Workbook page 2.

Complete the worksheet on measuring angles using a protractor.


Homework #6 Due Friday September 16, 2011:

  • Complete the entire worksheet that was handed out in class.
  • Bring all supplies in by tomorrow.
  • Make sure that you have handed in all notices.

Homework #5 Due Thursday September 15, 2011:

  • Complete the hand-out that was disrtibuted in class.
  • You can prove to me that you read this website if you tell me the word "angle" tomorrow.

Homework #4 Due Wednesday September 14, 2011:

  •  In your notebook write two to three complete sentences using the following prompt:

When I hear the word math it makes me feel __________________ because _____________.

  • List all of the polygons in the figure on the hand-out. Make sure you only give one name for each polygon.

Homework #3 Due Tuesday September 13, 2011:

  • Draw or cut out pictures of 10 polygons and 10 non-polygons

Homework #2 Due Monday September 12, 2011

  • Complete your face glyph on a piece of white paper. Make sure that it is colorful.
  • Bring back all notices signed if you have not done so already.
  • Bring in your supplies.


Homework #1 Due Friday September 9, 2011:

  • Make sure to fill out and bring back the Emergency Contact sheet and Class Contract signed.
  • Start to bring in you supplies. You must have a marble notebook and a pencil by tomorrow.