Homework for Class 601 and 604 Chapter 2 ( HW # 18 and on.)

Homework # 32 Due Thursday

  1. Complete your study guide that you made in class. Make sure that you have all of the information included in your study guide that you should have copied in class.
  2. Study for the test
  3. If you have not handed in your Vocabulary Folder it MUST BE on my desk by tomorrow. Otherwise you will receive a zero as a grade.

Homework #31 Due Tuesday November 1, 2011:

  1. Complete the assignment that you started in class. Your bar graph is due by Wednesday November 2.
  2. Be careful when you go out trick-or-treating.
  3. Study for the test on Thursday!!

Homework # 30 Due Friday October 28, 2011:

  • Skills Practice pg 6. Complete the entire page.
  • Get your assessment reflection signed and brought back by tomorrow the latest.

  Homework # 29 Due Thursday October 27, 2011:

  • Complete page 6 in your Study Guide and Intervention Workbook.
  • Get your assessment reflection results signed.

Homework # 28 Due Wednesday October 26, 2011:

  1. Complete page 97 in your enVision Workbook. I do not have any extras, so if you lose it I can not replace it!
  2. Update your Vocabulary Folder

Homework #27 Due Tuesday October 25, 2011:

  1. Complete the worksheet on converting decimals into fractions
  2. Study for the quiz tomorrow.
  3. Get your quiz signed if you have not done so already.
  • Enjoy a weekend free of homework. You have worked hard this week :).
  • If you have not brought in your signed quiz please return it signed by Monday October 24, 2011.

Homework #26 Due Friday October 21:

  1. Study Guide and Intervention page 5. Complete the entire page.
  2. Get your quiz signed.

Homework # 25 Due Thursday October 20, 2011:

  • Skills Practice page 5 questions 19-26.
  • I am very proud of how well you all did on the Chapter 2 Quiz. Please keep up the great work.

Homework # 24 Due Wednesday October 19, 2011:

  • Skills Practice Workbook page 4 questions 28-33. Skills Practice page 5 questions 1-12.
  • Your vocabulary folder was due in  to me on Monday. You will lose 5 points every day that it is late.

Homework # 23 Due Tuesday October 18, 2011:

  • Skills Practice Workbook page 4 question 1-18. For questions 10-18 find equivalent fractions for each of the given fractions.
  • Quiz Tomorrow. You can find a list of topics under the Upcoming Test/Quiz tab.

Homework #22 Due Monday October 17, 2011:

  • Complete the worksheet on reducing fractions to lowest terms (front) and dividing whole numbers (back).
  • Complete your Vocabulary Folders. They will be collected on Monday

Homework # 21 Due Friday October 14, 2011:

  • Complete page 4 in your Study Guide and Intervention Workbook. For questions 4-9 just find equivalent fractions.
  • Bring back your signed test if you have not done so already.  

Homework # 20 Due Thursday October 13, 2011

  1. Complete the hand-out on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.
  2. If you have not done so already, get your test and dream house project signed.

Homework # 19 Due Wednesday October12, 2011:

  1. Complete your Fraction Name Project. Make that you create a picture that represents the fraction that your fraction name makes. Also, make sure that it is neat and colorful.
  2. Get your Dream House Project grade signed.
  3. Get your Chapter 1 Test signed.
  4. Update your Vocabulary Folder.

Homework # 18 Due Tuesday October 11, 2011:

  1. Create a picture that depicts a fraction. For example, you can draw a picture of a pizza pie that is cut into 8 pieces and has a piece missing. Be creative!! Make sure that it is done on a piece of computer paper and/or construction paper. It needs to be neat and colorful.
  2. Update your Vocabulary Folder.