Homework # 1-14 for Class 606 and 604

Homework# 14:Due Wednesday October 6th

·         In a complete paragraph (3-5 sentences) discuss what type of polygon you would describe yourself as, and why.

 Homework #13: Due Tuesday October 5th

·         Complete your study guide and review your notes for Chapter 1 for at least 20 minutes 

Weekend Homwork: Due Monday October 4

·         Complete the circumference worksheet that was handed out at the end of class.

 ·         Start your review booklet. You can find a complete list of all the topics that will be on your test under the Announcement on the Homepage of this website.

·         EXTRA CREDIT: In order to receive a Test Coupon complete your pumpkin project by Monday. You can decorate the circle as a pumpkin or as a jacko-lantern. 

 Homework #12- Homework #12- Due Friday October 1

·         Work on your Dream House Project. The details can be found on the projects page on the homepage.

 Homework #11- Due Wednesday September 29th 

       Complete the worksheet on perimeter

·         Bring back signed quiz

 Homework #10- Due Tuesday September 28th 

        Complete the worksheet on vertical angles.

·         Bring back signed quiz!!

omework #9- Due September 24th

·         Complete the worksheet on angles

Homework #8- Due Thursday September 23rd

·         Study for your quiz tomorrow. You can find a list of all the topics that will be covered on the test under the Announcement section of this web-page.

·         Bring in your Pocket Polygon Guides because I am going to collect them to give them a grade.

·         Bring in your Lunch forms and Blue Cards if you have not done so already.

Homework #7- Due Wednesday September 22nd

·         Add the following words and definitions to your vocabulary folder.

Use the definitions in your notebook. Use the order that is given:                              

 1) polygon  2) vertex  3) angle  4) ray   5) regular polygon   6) concave

·         Study for your quiz on Thursday. Look under announcements for a list of the topics you should know. 

Homework #6-Due Tuesday September 21st

·         Fill in all of the pages of your Pocket Polygon Guides. Make sure that you include the definition of the word at the top of the page and an example for each page.

·         There will be a quiz on either Wednesday or Thursday so STUDY!!! 

Homework #5-  Due Friday September 17th

·         Complete the hand out on line symmetry

·         Bring in class contract tear-off, emergency form tear-off, parent signature page and lunch forms if you have not done so already.

Homework #4-  Due Thursday September 16th

·         Identify at least three objects in your house that are equal to or contain the benchmark angles, 90, 180, and 360 degrees.(You should have a list of at least NINE objects written down in your notebook.

·         If you have not brought in a class policy tear-off and emergency form tear-off please bring it in tomorrow.   

Homework #3- Due Wed September 15th

·         Complete the handout that was given out in class

·         Bring all supplies in

 ·         Bring in class policy tear-off and emergency form tear-off 

Homework #2: Due Tuesday September 14th

·         Draw or cut out pictures of ten polygons and ten non- polygons

·         Bring in all supplies ·         Bring in emergency form and class rules/policy signed

·         You MUST bring an independant reading book everyday!

·         Finish coloring glyph / fix your sentences from homework #1 

Homework #1  :Due Monday September 13th

·         Using the face glyph rules you have copied down into your notebook, create your face glyph on a piece of white paper. Decorate using markers and crayons. Print your name on the bottom of the paper in large letters. 

·         In your notebook write two to three sentences using the following prompt: When I hear the word math it makes me feel __________________ because ___________________.

·         Bring in supplies,  by Monday September 13th.

It was a pleasure meeting all of you. I hope that you had a great first day back to school