Homework #15 on for Class 606

Homework #25 Due Friday October 29th

  • Create a 10 question quiz with an answer sheet. Five of the questions should be converting fractions to decimals and five questions should be converting decimals to fractions.
  • Get quiz signed if you have not done so already. 

Homework #24 Due Thursday October 28th

  • Skills Practice Page 6 questions 1-20
  • Get your quiz signed
  • Get your notebook grade slip signed. 

Homework #23 Due Wednesday October 27th

  • In a complete paragraph describe how you can convert a fraction into a decimal and how to convert a decimal into a fraction. Use examples to support your statements.

Study for your quiz tomorrow!! 

Homework #22 Due Thursday October 21st

  • Using the handout that was given in class look for at least ten fractions and decimals that are equivalent to one another. For example, 1/2 = 0.50 because when you look down the number lines they match up perfectly.

Homework #21-Due Wednesday October 20th

  • Skills Practice Workbook: Page 5 questions 13-26

Homework#20-Due Tuesday October 19th

  • In your Skills Practice Workbook (Blue Dot) answer questions 1-12 on page 5.

Weekend Homework:

  • Since we were not able to start the name fraction project in class because of the Curriculum Conference you do not have to work on the fraction name project over the weekend. Enjoy your weekend!!

Homework #19-Due Friday October 15th

  • You are going to take the roll as the teacher and create a quiz on fractions. You need to create at least 2 questions per topic. You can find the list of topics under the announcement section on the homepage. After you create the questions you have to create an answer key that you will use to grade the quiz. Do not put the answers on the quiz, that would defeat the purpose of someone taking the quiz if they could see the answers.
  • Study for the quiz tomorrow!! 

Homework #18-Due Thursday Octiber 14th

  • Answer questions 1-9 and 28-33 on the Patterns in Fraction Worksheet. 
  • Start reviewing for the quiz on Friday!! The Topics for the quiz can be found under the announcement section on the homepage.

Homework #17:Due Wednesday October 13th

  • Find three equivalent fractions for each of the following:
  • 1             5               4              10                  7             2
  • 2             25             16             15                  21           10 

Extra Credit: Due Tuesday October 12th

·         Create a bar graph using the M&M tables that we made in class. Use the table that we labeled individual results. Create your bar graph using the graph paper you were given in class.Do not forget to title your bar graph, and label the X and Y axis.

Homework #16: Due Friday October 8th

·         Complete the worksheet on Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

·         Bring back signed test if you have not done so already.

Homework # 15 Due Thursday October 7th

·         Complete the worksheet on fractions

·         Bring back signed test!

·         Add improper fraction, numerator and denominator to your vocabulary folder