How to download workbook pages

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It is your responsibility to keep your workbooks in a safe place. If you misplace your workbook you are still responsible for completing all of the homework assignments. Below you will find a step by step guide as to how you can download the workbook pages online.

You can just click on the links below and they should download the workbook pages for you. If that does not work follow the steps listed and you will be able to get the homework pages assigned each night if you lost your workbooks. 

Step 1 :Go to

Step 2: Choose your state (New York), click on student and click Mathematics for the Subject.

Step 3: Click on IMPACT Mathematics, Course 1 © 2009

Step 4: Click on Student/Parent

Step 5: Click on Student Workbooks

Step 6: There you can select either:      Skills Practice Workbook (10489.0K)

                                                           Study Guide and Intervention Workbook (13130.0K)

Step 7: Scroll through the pages until you get the page that was assigned for homework.