CIT :)

Captian Iron Thor! cool

The most interesting man in the world is often mistaken for CIT(Captian Iron Thor). Cit is one of if not the most powerful hero. He has all the strength of Iron Man and Thor, Iron Man's armor, Thor's head and hammer, along with Captian America's shield. He is unstoppable. Powers include shooting missiles and lasers from his suit, using his shield as a weapon and well shield, and his hammer as a dangerous weapon.  His good looks get all the ladies and his powers win him many honors.  He has so many powers and is so strong and indestructible evil doesn’t stand a chance. This hero is an all-round good guy, with a big heart. He is always there to save others and can do anything to help you. He lives a normal life just like you and I under the citizen name of Chad Ocho Cinco. Finally he was born in the town of Ireland, New Mexico.