Chocolate Webquest


     Do you love chocolate?  Do you ever wonder why chocolate is so special?  Where does it come from and how is it made?  This webquest is going to teach you all about chocolate!



     You will visit different sites to learn answers about specific chocolate questions.  After you answer your questions you will test your chocolate knowledge with games.  Then you will vote on your favorite chocolate candy and design the wrapper for it. 


     1.  First you will put your name on your question sheet.

     2.  A link is provided at the end of each question to help you find the answers. Click on the link and look for the answers!

     3.  Write the answers to the questions on your sheet.  Please write neatly!

     4.  After your questions are answered, test your knowledge on the games.

     5.  Last, design the wrapper for the chocolate candy you voted for.

Questions and Links

     1.  What is the main ingredient of chocolate?  In what areas is the ingredient grown?  (Main Ingredient)

     2.  Name the two Indian Tribes that were the earliest recorded users of chocolate as a food.  (Indian Tribes)

     3.  Who was the first European to come in contact with the cacao bean? (First European)

     4. Who invented milk chocolate and what country was he from? (Invented Chocolate)

     5.  When was the first chocolate company established in America?  Where was it located? Who was the founder? (First Chocolate Company)

     6.  Where does the cacao tree grow? (Chocolate Story)

     7.  What do they do first? (Chocolate Story)

     8.  What is a nib? (Chocolate Story)

     9.  How many Hershey kisses do they make everyday? (Chocolate Story)

     10.  What year were the orange M&M's added? (M&M's History)

     11.  Play some games and test your knowledge of chocolate at this site. (Games)

     12.  Vote for your favorite chocolate candy.  (Vote)



     I hope you had fun and learned lots of information about chocolate during this webquest.  When you are done see your teacher for your favorite chocolate candy!!