Meet Mrs. Wilson

Welcome! Hi, I am Mrs. Wilson! Thank you for taking the time to view our class web site.  
Right now, we are working on counting money. Students have monopoly and other play money to practice at home with. Please help your child learn about money. Try this activity!!!  
Dinner Dinero!!!
At dinnertime, make a menu with all your selections available. Note your suggested price of each element beside the description. Have your child use his or her play money to decide what to order and how much money they want to spend. Also, ask them what different combinations they can make to pay for the meal. Example- If Mac n Chesse cost $5.00 at your family dinner, then the student could use 5 one dollar bills, or 1 five dollar bill! Have fun with this activity!!  
 ***I am always available for parents, call or email me anytime. I will be glad to speak with you :-)
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