Krazy for Kinder!



My name is Jackie Cespedes (aka Mrs. Cespedes, aka Mrs. C). As you have already figured out, I am krazy for kindergarten! Yes, I am a kindergarten teacher at heart and lover of all things involving students and learning! smiley

I love anything that is colorful, especially pink, glittery, creative, Disney and messy good fun!!     



My Journey!


This is my first-year teaching in my own classroom.  After college I worked as an underwriter for an insurance company for a number of years.  crying 

Did I mention I love anything involving kids, glittery, Disney, and creative?  Well...let us just say that job was NOT for me.  frown 

I worked as a substitute teacher the last two years while completing my credentials and I felt an instant connection the moment I first stepped in a classroom! wink

That is not to say it was not hard.  I had heard a time or two that good things worth having require real hard work.  How true that is!! Because it was sure all worth it!

Anywho...We will talk a little bit more about my journey on the About Me page.  

I have learned so much from my students, colleagues, trainings, and mentors.                                                          

I hope to be an asset and learning guide for others in my shoes.  smiley




Why I Enjoy Teaching (Link)



Have Fun!
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