21st Century Communicators

21st Century Communicators


Every Monday dedicated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders meet afterschool to engage in teacher led communication skills building activities. This free program ran from November 15-May 16th.   This webpage is a celebration of their work, and is hereafter totally student generated!

This language arts enrichment program is a reading, writing, & technology literacy program hosted by Garden Hills Elementary School teachers.  Students meet from 2:30-4:00pm each week. Participants receive a writing journal, weekly reading material, practice games and a weekly snack. We only ask that each family ensure that the program assignments are completed and that the materials provided are returned weekly.

Please note:
  • A school bus can bring your child home each week if you choose. The bus will depart at 4:05.

·         If want to pick up your child instead, you may meet them at the front office at 4:05.

·         If you choose to pick up your child but are not able to come at 4:05, your child will have to go to the Garden Hills After-School Program until you arrive.

·         There is a late pick up fee for children who must go to the Garden Hills After-School Program.

  • Parents are welcomed to volunteer for our program. Let us know if you are interested!



Weekly quick solve assignments from the internet



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Author: Maria Nino


Salena was born on April 16, 1971. She was born into a musical family. Her dad taught her to sing in Spanish. When she was 8 she began performing in her family resturant. 


Author: Fernanda Medrano - A poem about butterflies


Butterflies are found in trees. They don't eat cheeze but they eat leaves. They get nectar from flowers and they are beautiful by the hour.


Author: Leslie Cortez -   Persuesive writing

Don't Give a Dog A Bone

 If you give a dog a bone, he might dig a hole. If he digs a hole, the worms will be angry. If the worms get angry, they will move to a different place. If they move to a different place, the plants will not have food. If the plants do not have food, they will not grow. If they do not grow they will die. If the plants die, the animals will not have food. If the animals do not have food, they will die. That is why you should not give a dog  bone.


 Author: Alicia Hernandez -   A folktale

 Learn to Raise Your Hand

Once there was a big giraffe who lived in the jungle. He was sad because his friends did not raise their hands in class. Teachers did not like it at all. No one could hear the animals talk. His friends called out and talked a lot at the same time. They called out so they couldnt learn. The teacher said if they dont raise their hands they will not learn. Giraffe decided to talk to the class. He said that everyone should start raising their hands because the animals could not hear other animals. It is important to hear what other people say so you can learn. The animals talked about it. They started to raise their hand. Everyone was happy because they started to raise their hands. 


 Author: Stephanie Nino - A poem with inference


 They have colorful petals and green towers. They are pretty when spring comes. They grow like beautiful kingdoms. 


Author: Oliver Narcizo Informational Writing (a movie review)

Title: Lightening McQueen

 Lightening McQueen is a famous race car. McQueen likes to race. He went to look for a race in Radiator Springs. There he found a friend. The friend was a tow truck. Together they went to 



Author:  Leslie Lopez - A Poem

A Poem

Seeds are found in the ground. They dont make a sound. They are not loud. They are found in many places; also lots of spaces. 


Author: Sariya Muhamma - A folktale

One day a monkey was swinging on a tree. He wanted to play with bird and snake. Bird and snake would not let him play with them. He got angry and started to say bad words. A lizard heard the animals being mean to monkey but she also heard monkey saying bad words. She said to monkey dont say bad words even if they wont let you play because




Author: Jaquelin Piza - A Poem with inference

Title: Guess

Some are smelly like rotten jelly. Dont wear them on your head wear them on your feet instead.