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The Three Feathers:

The Three Feathers
Mysteries by Kids 21
by Brianna K.

Megan lay on the table while the six of us stood around her with just our fingertips under her. We chanted "light as a feather, stiff as a board" and waited for her to rise up. Then we all screamed out, because Megan didn't just rise up she...

turned into a feather, a very stiff feather. We did not read the fine print on the bottom of the paper, which told us how to make people float. It said that if the person turns into feather, go to the back of the book. All of a sudden, we heard a knock on the door. It was Nick, Megan's dad.

"What are we going to do?" we all whispered.

I reached and locked the door so he could not come in a find his daughter gone.

"Girls," Megan's dad called from outside the door, "I have some cookies and milk for you all! I also brought a movie and some popcorn."

"Oh ummm...we will be right there. We are changing--hold on!" I said.

"OK, I will wait!" Nick replied.

"Go and turn on Meg's shower, so her dad will not worry about where she is!" I whispered to one of the girls to do.

"OK, you may come in now," I called to Nick.

"Hey were is Megan?" Nick asked.

"Oh...she is in the shower," said Jennifer, one of the other girls at the party.

"Why?" Nick asked.

"She wanted to freshen up," I said.

"Oh, alright," Nick said.

We had placed Megan--in feather form--on the windowsill, and we had forgotten that Nick was allergic to feathers. He started to sneeze, so he opened the window and Megan flew out the window! She landed in a pile of leaves. We all gasped.

"What is wrong? Nick asked us.

"Oh nothing...we just...ummm--"

"You what?"

"We just...ummm...we just love your popcorn so much!"

"Well thank you. I need to run to the store. I will be back in an hour or so. Is that OK with you girls?" Nick asked us.

"Yes, that is fine with us." We all answered.

After we saw Nick pull out if the driveway, we rushed to the front yard. We started looking franticly through the leaves. Then three of us found three different feathers that looked exactly alike! We started thinking: Jennifer remembered that Megan was stiff as a board, so we checked the feathers. Two of them were stiff as a board, so we threw the feather that was not stiff out the window. We set the feathers on the table in Megan's room. We opened the back of the book, and it said we would need the right feather. We looked down at the two feathers. I kept reading.

"Hey you guys, it says here that if you do the wrong feather, it will turn into a pen!" I said to the girls.

"So?" Jennifer asked.

"So, We can do both feathers!" I said.

"Yeah" we all said!

I was getting out the ingredients out of the cabinets when Nick reappeared.

"Hey girls," Nick called from his car. "Can you came help me?"

"We will be right there!" I called.

"OK," Nick called back.

"What are we going to do?" I mumbled, "Megan is still a feather! And we are missing this stuff called...Magic Butter? We might have to go to the store or something, I don't know," I told the girls while walking to Nick's car.

"Hi girls, where is Megan?" Nick asked us while handing us some bags of food.

"Oh, she is upstairs the on the phone with her mom!" I told Nick.

"OK," he said. "Have you eaten all of your popcorn yet?" Nick asked us while we were all putting away the food.

"No, not yet." I replied.

"Good, because I got this stuff called "Magic Butter. You can put it on your popcorn, and it will taste better!" Nick said passing it to us.

"We would love to use--I mean, try--it!" I said.

We all ran up to Megan's room, and we followed the instructions on how to turn Megan back. We all stood around the feather, with just two fingers under her and chanted: "Megan, Megan, come back now." We poured the Magic Butter on the feather, put Megan's favorite food on top of it, and chanted again: "Megan, Megan, come back now." And POOF! She was lying on her desk in her real body, and we all screamed in delight!

"We are glad to have you back Megan!"


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