Book Report

Photo Album

Imagine that you have just taken a journey through A Wrinkle in Time. You have visited the places in the book, witnessed the events, and met the characters. While you were there, you snapped pictures the entire time, like a photojournalist trying to capture every detail. Now that you have returned home, you need to sort through your photos. Choose the 8 most important photos to create a photo album. These 8 photos should show what you believe are the most important aspects of the book.

 *Photo Album:

  • Include the more important people, places, events, or objects from the story.
  • Draw 8 important pictures with a caption for each.
  • Each caption should include at least 5 sentences. The caption should describe what is going on in the picture and the importance it has to the story.
  • Mount the photos and captions in a construction paper album.

*On the front of your photo album:

  • Write an interesting title
  • Include a picture of your favorite scene from the story
  • Put your name at the bottom

*On the back of your photo album:

  • Explain why you chose the 8 photos you chose.
  • What importance do they have to the story?
  • What kind of meaning do they have to you?

The more creative the better! Have fun making this!



Travel Brochure


Imagine you work for a travel agency and you have been asked to design a brochure to advertise the setting in A Wrinkle in Time.

*Use these questions while brainstorming ideas about the setting of the book.

  • Do you think tourists would enjoy visiting the setting of A Wrinkle in Time? Why or why not?
  • What attractions would they find in this place?
  • What could they do for entertainment?
  • What could they see and learn about?
  • Is it a place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet?
  • Why would someone want to go there?


  1. Fold a piece of paper in thirds to create the brochure.
  1. On the front flap of the brochure, write the name of the place you want people to visit.  
  1. Illustrate the front flap with one or two of the main attractions of this place.
  1. Add a sentence or two to attract travelers to read your brochure.
  2. Write the title and author somewhere on the front of the brochure.
  1. Plan the inside of the brochure before you begin writing or drawing. Include as many attractions as you can. Write reasons that travelers would want to visit each attraction. Describe how they can get to this setting. If there is not a lot to see or do in this setting, be creative and think about how you could make this place sound appealing to tourists.
  1. On the back panel, write 2 paragraphs to provide additional information that might persuade travelers to visit.
  1. Explain interesting events from the book that took place in this setting.
  1. At the bottom, write “For additional information on (name of the place), contact (your name).”

    10.  Be creative as you think of ways to advertise this setting!!