Grading and Attendance

Grading, Attendance and Homework

Grade Determinations
Grading Scale
The grading scale for the School District is:
A+ = 97 – 100  A = 93-96   A- = 90-92
B+ = 87 – 89    B = 83-86   B- = 80-82
C+ = 77 – 79   C = 73-76   C- = 70-72
D+ = 67 – 69   D = 63-66   D- = 60-62
F = 59 and below

Letter Grades
a. Letter grades are reported on report cards. These grades are
supplemented with additional information including checklists reflecting
progress in district curricular goals and objectives.
b. Letter grades will be calculated using both formative and summative
c. In grades 3-5, the following calculation will be used:
60% Formative Assessments: Class work, classroom projects,
quizzes, summer reading and benchmark assessments.
40% Summative Assessments: Unit tests, benchmark assessments,
research reports, major projects and published writing pieces
d. In grades 6-8, the following calculation will be used:
30% Formative Assessments: Examples of formative assessments
are summer reading, class work, homework, classroom projects,
quizzes and benchmark assessments.
70% Summative Assessments: Examples of summative assessments
are unit tests, research reports, major projects, and published
writing pieces. 


a. Homework is a planned part of the educational process that is designed to
enhance student achievement.
b. The purposes of homework are to:
i. Reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom.
ii. Help students develop organizational, planning, and time
management skills.
iii. Provide the practice needed to develop student skills and become
an independent learner.
iv. Serve to strengthen the links between the school and the home.
c. Suggested length of homework at the 3-5 grade level is a daily total of 1-4
assignments taking approximately 15-45 minutes depending on the child.
Homework will be reflected in the Weekly Progress Report and the Skills
for Successful Learners section of the Report Card.
Daily homework may count for up to one-third (1/3) of the formative
assessments counted toward the letter grade (10% of the letter grade).

Make Up Work

a. A student may make up and receive a recorded grade for work missed due
to an absence. Students returning from absences will have an equal
number of days to complete make up work.
b. Vacation Absence (VAB) – Any absence prearranged with the principal
following the district attendance policy. These absences are unexcused,
however makeup work for credit is provided

It is essential that the child attends school regularly in order to provide continuity in the learning
program and to enhance the probability of success in school. Absences for reasons other than
illness or emergency situations are to be avoided. The student is responsible for missed
assignments. Doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, and vacations should be scheduled
for times when school is not in session. If a child must be absent from school, we request that you
call our office by 9:00 A.M. to inform us about the reason for absences.
When a child accumulates the number of days absent equal to 10% of a quarter, the parent will be
informed in writing of the exact dates of the child’s absences. The parent will also be informed
that future absences that quarter will require a doctor’s excuse.
Students who are absent for five (5) or more consecutive school days with an extended illness are
required to bring a doctor’s excuse prior to being readmitted to class. The only exception to this
rule will be students who have had chicken pox. In those cases, a note from the parent will
If doctor’s excuses are not provided in either of the above situations, the absence will be
considered unexcused.
Students should be punctual for each class day. If a child is tardy, the parent/guardian is expected
to come to the office to “sign-in” the child or send a signed note with the child explaining reason
for tardiness.
If a child must leave before the end of the school day, the parent/guardian must come to the office
to “sign-out” the student. Please send a note to the child’s teacher requesting early dismissal.