Here are some great websites for you to check out. This was given as a handout at Open House.

The Arts
View the Museum of Modern art in a child-friendly way. Designed for children ages 5-8.
A searchable database of the works of art of over 5000 artists.
Take an art adventure online with these interactive color exercises. You will follow along a storyline and make choices about paintings, artists, colors moods and more.
Did you ever wonder where your favorite band would be without music?
The Dallas Symphony Orchestras doorway to a world of musical fun and learning for students, parents and teachers. A great introduction to what makes up an orchestra.


Author Sites
A collection of links to many authors and illustrators web pages.
See all of your Dr. Seuss favorites come to life.
Any Captain Underpants fans??
Tomie DePaolas website


Literacy and Language Arts
Download printables to help improve reading and writing skills.
Get Wild About Reading A great place for reading, read-a-louds, reading comprehension and vocabulary.
Literacy activities organized in a newspaper-like framework. Forums for children to read original pieces submitted by other students as well as places to display their own work.
Read along from Scholastic favorites such as Clifford, The Magic School Bus, Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and more.
Great site for emergent readers Fun and easy to navigate.
Funny poems, poetry books, games, lessons, and a rhyming dictionary.


Downloadable math problems for grades K-12.
Fun games reinforcing skills such as math, science, language arts and more.
So much fun that they will never know theyre involved in an educational activity! Funbrain puts an educational twist on sports and games.
Tons of word problems for grades 1-6, organized by grade level and topic.
Hundreds of pages of basic math skills with interactive math problems on every page.
Easy to navigate, covering a wide variety of subjects. Just click on a grade level and the sky is the limit!
Addition, subtraction, patterns, multiplication, fractions, get the idea. This site is appropriate for pre-k to grade 3, with varying levels of difficulty.

Easy hands-on experiments to try at home as well as simplified articles to help young children understand more complex concepts.
Harcourt School Publishers. Very friendly website for new science learners. Just click on an appropriate grade level and start exploring.
Go to this sites section on dinosaurs for hours of dino info, games, printables and more.
Travel with Ranger Rick visiting all kinds of animals and their habitats.
Provides views of the earth and moon from different angles and places. Live pictures of the earth from satellites. You can even request a view. Cool site!
Pictures of all kinds of reptiles. Also has resources on the net for reptiles. Graphics are intense so it may be slow.
Science has never been more animated and fun. Take a trip inside and explore with Miss Frizzle and the gang.

Social Studies
Head right to the Social Studies link for fun interactive games ranging from geography to history to US Presidents.
Click on the k-2 link and let Ben Franklin take you on a tour of US history, government, your neighborhood and more. There are also games and activities to explore.
A kid-friendly site designed to educate younger students on our president and other important leaders of our country.

Presents government and democracy on a level that kids can understand and comprehend.
Questions and answers about the presidential election process.

All of the Above...
Counting, reading, healthy living, friendship, imagination and much more. All with your Sesame Street favorites!
Covering all of the major subject areas, this site is user friendly and will hold their interest for long periods of time.
Travel and learn with Arthur and Buster. There are many, many different games covering all of the major subject areas.
Activities for learning and fun.
Yes, Ben and Jerry now have a fun website where you can play ice-cream scooping games, build your own jack-o-lantern or snowman and more.
This is Disneys Book of Pooh website, devoted to areas including books games, activities and more.
An activity site for children ages 4-8. Jokes, recipes, word searches, crafts and stories are some of the areas you can enter on this colorful and engaging site.
Fun and interactive website leading you across the globe (galaxy style). This website includes facts about hundreds of animals (listed alphabetically), dinosaurs, history, geography and so much more.