Homework and Study Tips

Homework and Study Skills


Study Habits

•In the primary grades, children must begin to develop study habits that will be the foundation of his or her success in school.
•Many students have difficulty with homework simply because they lack proper study habits.
Setting Up A Study Area
•In order to do homework successfully, students must have a place to work.
•The study area should be well lit, quiet and have all the necessary supplies at hand.
•It can be any room of the home as long as it’s a place where students can concentrate and get his or her work done.
•Your child does not need a lot of space. A desk, kitchen table or corner of a room is fine.
•Keep the radio and television off while homework is being done.
•Whenever possible, keep the study area off limits to brothers and sisters during homework time.
•Praise your child when he or she does homework in the study area.
Creating A Homework Survival Kit
•To complete homework assignments effectively, students must have available at home a collection of basic supplies. This will help them to complete their homework properly and on time.
Suggested Materials For a Homework Survival Kit
•Crayons                    Construction Paper
•Pencils                      Ruler
•Markers                    Stapler
•Sharpener                Scissors
•Eraser                      Paperclips
•Glue                         Children’s Dictionary
Ways To Keep Homework Survival Kit Materials In One Place
•Old Lunchbox
•Desk Drawer
•Clothing Box
•Plastic Tub

Planning Daily Homework Time

•Homework, like any other activity, must be scheduled into a student’s life. It’s best if homework time is the same time each day. They will become accustomed to when it is time to sit down and get homework done. Have your child be a part of this decision.
•Daily homework time can be:
•Right after school
•Before dinner
•After dinner
•Before bedtime
Doing Homework on Their Own
•Doing homework independently teaches a student responsibility, builds confidence and self-esteem.
•Try to do as much work as they can on their own.
•It’s okay to ask for help.
•Help with directions.
•Can do the first part together so they understand how to do the rest on their own.
Motivate Children With Praise
•Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool. Children need encouragement and support from their parents. Consistent praise can encourage your child to feel good about his or her ability and motivate your child to do his or her best work.
•Be specific with your praise
•Be consistent
Returning Homework to School on Time

*Bringing homework assignments back to school when they are due is an important responsibility a student must develop.

*After assignments  are completed, put them back into their homework folder.

•The folder should be put away into backpack along with any books used.
•The backpack should be placed by the front door so they can easily take it in the morning on their way out the door.