Mystery Reader (Shh...this one is a secret)



Mystery Reader

Some of you signed up to come in to our classroom on a Friday afternoon and read to our class. Listed below  is the schedule so you remember when you signed up!


4th Aulivola

18th Wolfson

25th Simone



8th Bulla

15th Buonaiuto

22nd Scavo



6th Mrs. McEvaddy

20th Alamia



10th Nadeau

24th Candia

31st Levine



7th Jacobs

28th Karen



7th Simone

14th Rondinella

28th Mr. McEvaddy



4th Machicote



2nd McGarvey

16th Christopher

30th O'Sullivan


When your week comes up I will be sending home a letter that looks like this:

Dear ______________________,

This is just a reminder that you signed up to be our Mystery Reader this Friday afternoon at 2:40pm. Since you are a "mystery" to the students, I am hoping you will be willing to write five clues about yourself that I can give to the class as hints on Friday before you come.

Here is a sample set of clues written by a parent last year:

  1. My favorite book when I was in first grade was The Cat in the Hat.
  2. I was the  youngest child in my family growing up.
  3. My family has one dog as a pet.
  4. I love to watch American Idol with my family.
  5. My favorite family vacation is visiting our family cottage in upstate NY every summer.

I start with clue #1 and end with clue #5 . As you get closer to clue #5, you should make your clues a bit more revealing so that your child starts to recognize some of the information in the clues. It is so fun when students realize that their parent is one who has written the clues and will soon be reading to our class!

Let me know if you have any questions!                        *Please bring in 2 books to read*


Jenn Crane