Social Studies


 Families are Important - October

The essential question is: Why are families important, and how do they influence who we are?

We will also focus on the following topics:

* Identifying similar/different characteristics of people

Word List: similar, different


Word List: belonging, responsibility

*Identify similar/different characteristics of families

Word List: families, role

* Family rules and conflict

Word List: conflict, rule

* Columbus Day

Word List: Christopher Columbus, explore


Columbus Day:

Christopher Columbus:

Build a Family Tree:


Families Have a History - November

We will continue talking about how important families are to us.

We will also talk about how family traditions are similar and different. Your children will have some activities to complete focused on this topic. Please take the time to sit and discuss with them.

Please also practice the following with your child this month. I have asked each student if they know their address, phone number and birthday. Some children are still a little confused, if you could refresh their memory that would be great! It is so important for them to know this information because if they are ever in a situation where this information is needed they will be prepared!


Homes We Live In - December

The essential question is: Why is a home a basic need of all families?

We will also focus on the following topic:

* Compare and contrast different types of homes

Word List: home, shelter, need, family



Winter change:

Types of House Quiz:


Families in Communities - January

The essential question is: What is a community?

We will also focus on the following topics:

* Reasons why people need each other

Word List: community, need

* Define community and it's helpers

Word List: service, rules, laws

* Talk about different types of communities

Word List: Farm, city, town

* Discuss what Martin Luther King, Jr. did for us!

Word List: prejudice, equality, dream

Different Types of Communities:

Dr. King Timeline Page:

Martin Luther King Jr. Fact Monster:


Communities Goods and Services - February

The essential question is: Why do people have to work?

We will also focus on the following topics:

* Needs and wants

Word List: need, want

* People need others to meet their needs

Word List: job, good, services

* Career Portfolio

Word List: career

* President's Day

Word List: President, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama

Community Club:

Abe Lincoln:

Community Jobs:

Community Map: