About Mrs. Daggs


Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-Kindergarten!  My name is Jennifer Daggs and I will be your child's pre-kindergarten teacher for the 2019-2020 school year!  

I was born in Texas and I am the oldest of four children.  When I was six years old my father's job transferred our family to Oklahoma.  This is when I met Mrs. Meena.  She was a wonderful teacher and because of her I officially decided I wanted to be a teacher.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jeff.  We have three boys and they keep us very busy!  Jaxon is six and in kindergarten, Jace is four and Jonah will be two in July.  We love spending time together!  Our family loves reading together!  Jaxon has learned how to read and he loves reading to us!  We also enjoy going to the park and having picnics and going to the zoo, movies and the pool.  

When I am not busy with school or work, I enjoy scrapbooking and baking! My favorite food to bake is cupcakes!  I also enjoy journaling and reading mystery books.

I graduated from Northeastern State University with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have been teaching pre-kindergarten for eight years.  I love helping children learn and I love learning myself.  Recently, I have started courses to obtain my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that a classroom should have a positive learning environment that focuses on the whole child.  My goal is for the children in my classroom to grow physically, socially, mentally and emotionally in a positive way.

When children enter into my classroom I want them to feel safe and like they are a part of a learning community.  I want your child to know that they are able to express their emotions and speak their minds in a safe and respectful way.  I believe it is important to learn about our emotions, what makes us feel that way and work as a team to find a solution to a problem.

Each child learns in a different way and my goal is to meet their needs in order for them to be successful.  I will be their guide on this learning adventure.  They will be introduced to engaging, hands-on activities and will have choices to help direct their learning and interests.