Welcome, my name is Jeffrey Boyle and I am currently a high school mild to moderate resource teacher at Options For Youth.  My official title is Special Education Specialist. 

In the past, I have worked as an alternate media editor for students with disabilities and California Polytechnic University, a college level teaching assistant, a tutor, a coach, a paraprofesional, and an ABA home interventionist. 

This year, I started as a K-3 Success teacher working with students with emotional disturbance and other behavioral disorders. I am now a high school resource teacher at Options For Youth.

I every position I am in I strive to create systems that will maximize student's potential.  I have taken a second grader who could not read a sentence to reading at a 4th grade level in a year.  I have taught college level economics to a student with cerebral palsy who could only move her eyes and sometimes a finger.  I have seen the students I teach go from ripping the walls off of classrooms daily to being in a general education classroom all day and tutoring their peers.  As an educator, I have seen miracles and count myself as lucky to have helped create some of them.

Why I Teach