About the Teacher


I am Mr. Doerfler and I am excited to work with you this school year. I am a passionate person that loves learning and children. I work extremely hard in everything I do. You will be accepted openly and individually by me. We will be a success oriented class that will work hard to learn the subject matter for the year. I will have a team oriented classroom where students will learn to help themselves as well as others. I am excited to get to know you all better.  I enjoy reading and have a love for math.  The world is full of math and everything can be viewed in a fun way.  I like outdoor activities and watching movies.  I look forward to the learning we are experiencing and continuing to discover.


My interests include the stock market and life-long learning.  I love to travel and see the world and how it works.  I see math in everything I do from sports to city streets and the forests while hiking.  I enjoy the outdoors and getting into nature.  Fishing, golfing, and soccer are my passions.  I do my best at everything I do and enjoy life everyday.  


Enjoy my class and always feel free to contact me anytime.


Your teacher,

John Doerfler