Agenda Books:

Every morning students write down their homework from the homework board into their agendas. I then stamp the agenda books stating that I've seen them correctly write down the assignments. Please check your child's agenda book daily for assignments they must complete. Assignments may vary from day to day. 


       Homework Policy:

Homework is a valuable tool to reinforce classroom learning. It can strengthen the ties between home and school, and provide opportunities for students to develop time management and organizational skills.

STUDENTS are responsible for completing daily homework assignments. I expect
all assignments to be turned in on time. Every day an assignment is late I deduct 10 points from the final average. Homework should be neat and complete. Please encourage your child to be responsible when it comes to homework. 



Did you know that if your child forgets to bring home his/her textbook you can access it electronically? Some textbooks are available through the Student Portal on BEEP. Here is how it works:

1. Go to http://beep.browardschools.com

2. Click on Student Portal.

3. Under Online Resource enter student username and password (same as Virtual Counselor username and password). The username is your child's 10 digit student ID number and the password is the student's birthday (mm/dd/yyyy)

4. Choose desired online textbook.


      Routine Assigments Are As Follows:

* Reading: Students must read at least 20 minutes a night and record the book and time in their reading logs. They must also respond to their nightly questions located on the back of the reading log.

* Spelling: Every week students recieve 20 vocabulary words. They must not only know how to spell each word but what each word means by studying the definitions. Students should break this assignment up into 5 words a night. This way they are done by Thursday and are not trying to rush to complete it at the last minute.

* Math: Sunshine Math is given every Friday and due the following Friday.


Parent-Monitored Homework Helps Students Do Better

Students whose parents monitor their homework have a tendency to do better in school. Here are some suggestions or tips:

  • Ask to see your child's Homework Agenda each night. Make sure he has written the assignment neatly and has the necessary books and materials to complete the assignment.
  • Listen to work that requires memorizing, such as spelling words, vocabulary words, important dates in social studies, and times tables.
  • Check to make sure that assignments are completed and are done neatly.
  • Review notes a night or two before a test with your child. Ask questions about the material in the notes.
  • Remind your child to put homework and books back into backpack when completed.
  • Sign or initial your child's Homework Agenda so that the teacher knows you have seen it.

Doing these things lets your child know you are interested and care about his work.



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