This year the Math skills that will be taught include: Number Sense and Concepts, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis.

Aside from our textbooks we also use the follow programs to help teach these concpets.

1. Sunshine Math- Sunshine Math is a weekly program developed by the State of Florida to give students exposure to meaningful problem-solving situations and strategies. Each Friday your child recieves a Sunshine Math worksheet. This worksheet is due the following Friday. For each question answered correctly, a certain amount of  points are awarded. At the end of the year students are allowed to "cash in" their points for prizes.

 2. Mountain Math- Mountain Math is used to aid in review and retention of previously taught concepts. We review these concepts weekly. Every day the students solve the assigned daily problems on their student worksheet. The worksheet stays the same but the probems on the board change weekly. The students answer 6 problems a day as part of their morning work. By Friday the students have completed their 24 questions and we review, discuss and correct the problems. As a teacher this serves as a assessment tool. I can readily detect problem areas and adjust my teaching process in order help the students understand concepts that they are having difficulty with.

Example Mountain Math Bulletin Board

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