This year is the first year your child will take the FCAT Science Test. In order to help us understand concepts explained in our textbook, students will complete a lot of hands on experiments. These experiments may require some help from you. Sometimes these experiments require materials. If materials are needed I will ask students to bring in what is needed. Please check your child's agenda book nightly to see if materials are needed.


Science Fair Information

 Due Dates:

Title, Problem Statement and Hypothesis- Due: 2/27

Materials and Procedures- Due 3/16

Final Project- Due 4/17 



What is the Scientific Method?

The scientific method or process is considered fundamental to the scientific investigation and acquisition of new knowledge based upon physical evidence. Scientists propose new ideas about our world in the form of theories: observations, hypotheses, and deductions. Predictions from these theories are tested by experiment. If a prediction turns out to be correct, the theory survives.

Steps in the Scientific Method

  • Choose a Problem: State the problem as a question

  • Research Your Problem: Read, get advice, and make observations.

  • Develop a hypothesis: Make a prediction about what will happen.

  • Design an Experiment: Plan how you will test your hypothesis.

  • Test your hypothesis: Conduct the experiment and record the data.

  • Organize your data: Create a chart or graph of your data.

  • Draw Conclusions: Analyze your data and summarize your findings.


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