Mr. Howland's Room


This week in Mr. Howland's room:

 Group presentations -- Techonology: In the home, in school, and in the US. 


Groups will work together to answer questions such as:

How does technology affect me directly?

How does technology help us, and how does it harm us?

How will technology change our future? 



  • Study spelling words - first quiz on Wednesday!
  • Remember your goal of 20 AR points by the end of term, we only have about a month left! 


Did you know? Fun facts to keep you wondering...

A catfish has over 100,000 tastebuds.

If you were to stack all of the Coca-Cola vending machines in the US on top of one another, the stack would be over 450 miles high!

Walt Disney was afraid of mice. 

In your lifetime, you will shed over 40 pounds of skin!

There are over 58 million dogs in the US. 


**Classroom Rules: 

  1. Raise your hand until you are called on, be respectful of those around you.
  2. Keep your own area clean, we should all work together to keep our classroom in shape! 
  3. Be responsible for your self and your abilities, come ready to learn and to participate!
  4. Turn assignments in on time.
  5. Do not disturb other students when they are working.