Easy As 1 2 3 Behavior Management

"EASY AS  1, 2, 3" Behavior Management Plan
The following is a description of the "1, 2, 3" management plan that will be in place
to ensure the most productive learning environment possible for all students.
You will notice a consistent method of addressing unwanted behaviors as well as 
rewarding students who consistently show wanted behaviors in the classroom.
The Method              
1.  The classroom rules, which are mentioned in the welcome letter and are posted in the classroom, will be referenced by Mrs. Dietrich as necessary.  The compliance with these expectations, or lack thereof, will determine whether a student "gets counted" to a 1, 2, or 3.
2.  Every student begins each school day with a green star on the behavior board.
The green star signifies their complete compliance with the classroom rules   
and procedures.              
3.  For a first infraction against one of the expectations, Mrs. Dietrich will tell the student they're "on 1."  The student then removes their green star and exposes a
 yellow star.  If a second infraction occurs, they are then counted, "2."  This results
in them removing the yellow star to expose a red star.  Should a third infraction
occur, they are counted to"3," removing the red star, leaving their space empty.
4.  If a student's actions are serious, then they may be counted to "3" immediately and skip the first two numbers.
The Incentives
The goal of this program is to minimize distractions to learning and motivate students to create that environment.  Therefore, incentives are in place to recognize those who strive for excellence.
We have a classroom economy based on the accumulation of tokens.  Tokens are earned through positive behavior, responsible habits, as well as striving to exceed expectations.
Daily, students can earn tokens for having their assignment book signed.  Also, they can receive up to 3 tokens per day based upon their behavior.  Below you will find the corresponding number of tokens a student will receive based on the color they earn that day.  Tokens will be distributed at the end of the week.
    Green star - 1 token      
    Yellow star - 0 tokens      
    Red star -   0 tokens      
Daily a star will be stamped in the student planner on the day's date so you are able to see the student's daily behavior.
The Consequences
The following is the consequence which will be implemented if a student reaches 
"3" on the behavior chart, including ways in which patterns of behavior will be  
addressed if necessary.  
If a student reaches "3", a lunch detention will be served.        
Patterns of Behavior      
Should it become clear that a pattern of behavior has developed, the following actions will be taken to quickly and efficiently help the student return to positive behavior within the classroom.
1.  Two consecutive weeks of serving lunch detention will result in Mrs. Dietrich calling home to discuss the source of the concern with the student's parent/guardian.
2.  Three or more consecutive weeks of serving lunch detention will result in Mrs.
Dietrich requesting a conference with the student's parent/guardian as well as the 
student, to develop a plan for eliminating the unwanted behavior(s).    
Below are examples of expectations and unacceptable behaviors that fall under the 
classroom rules.                
Expectations   Unacceptable Behaviors
1.  Prepared   1.  Unprepared (several reminders)
2.  Homework completed   2.  Speaks out of turn
3.  Attentive in class   3.  Disrespectful of students/staff
4.  Participates in class   4.  Bullying in any form
5.  Helps other students   5.  Distracts self or others in class
6.  Respectful words/actions   6.  Abuses hallway privileges
7.  Self-starter   7.  Does not follow instructions
8.  Observes procedures   8.  Litters/vandalizes classroom
9.  Gives 100% at all times   9.  Argumentative/confrontational
10. Honest   10. Misses deadlines