Saint Power Point Presentation

November 1, 2012


Dear 4th grade families,


It’s so hard to believe that November is here!  Below explains the requirements for a saint report each child is responsible for completing.  It is due November 30th

On Friday, November 30th we will have our “All Saints’ Day” party.   I’d like each child to bring something that reminds them of their saint to school.  It could be a flower, crown, sword, etc.  If you want to have them come in costume that would be great!  Each student will present their Power Point presentation to the class.  I know that All Saints’ Day is at the beginning of the month, but I would like to spend most of the month learning about a Saint. 

They will have time in class to work on their presentation.  They can also utilize computer time and library time to complete their research.  Each student has a flash drive to store their progress.


Due Date:  November 30, 2012

Your report must include 6 slides:

1st Slide:

Your name and the due date of the project.

A picture of your Saint

2nd Slide:

5 pts.   The Saint’s Name

5 pts.   Feast Day

5 pts.   If the saint is a patron of something

3rd Slide:

5 pts.   The country the saint is from

5 pts.   When the saint was born

5 pts.   When the saint died

4th Slide:

10 pts.  How did the saint praise God and become a saint?

            What did this person do to become a saint?

5th Slide:

10 pts.  How can you be like this saint so you can become a saint too?  What are ways that you can apply what you have learned to your life?  What are actions that you can do to be more like your saint?  What is a lesson you have learned from your Saint’s life?

6th Slide:

Sources Cited Page

Any 2 sources can be used and noted at the end of their report. (books, webpages, etc.)








If any of this information can not be found, state that in your report in order to receive the points.