Homework will be assigned every night!  I will keep a record of assignments in my agenda that will be available to copy at the beginning of the class period.  Homework is due at the beginning of each class period.  It is imperative that homework is completed on time.  The class will go over homework and I will be able to answer, clarify, and review skills that may have been missed.  


  • Students are expected to read for 30 minutes and record the title of their book in their agenda.  
  • Homework worksheets or writing prompts will be assigned on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless noted in the agenda.
  • I will attach the homework (if applicable) for each week on my website.  If your child is absent or forgot their homework you can download the assignment and print it out from home.  
If your child did not complete their homework a #10 will be recorded in their agenda.  I expect the homework to be completed and turned in by the next school day for half credit.  

  Homework is written daily on the board. Students are expected to write

their assignments in their agenda.  Assignments, unless otherwise stated,  are due the next day.      The homework assignments listed on this web site are provided for  convenience, but are not the fundamental source.  Students get their  homework assignments on the board every day and it is brought to their  attention.  It is not excused when a student does not write down the  homework assigned in class and then did not see it on the website.      Incomplete/ homework does not just "go away".  It will result in a mark in the Work Habits calendar & must be completed and turned in the following school day.      Please check Agenda nightly and sign that you are aware the the  homework assignments.  Together we can develop those all important "time management skills" we all  need to be successful!!   :) ***************** ~Homework is practice at home that helps to reinforce skills and  concepts learned in the classroom.  Your child will be responsible for  weekly assignments (spelling, vocabulary, etc.) and other daily  homework communicated in their agenda books.  They will also be  expected to read nightly for at least 15 minutes. ~Special Projects will be assigned in addition to the weekly homework.   Your child will be required to complete special, at-home projects and/or  book reports each quarter.  These projects will be given with ample  time to be completed.