Contacting Parents

Parent Phone Call Worksheet

Student: I. C.                                                            Date: 2-25-10

Parent: M. C.                                                            Phone: Talked to in person


            I talked to a student’s mother at school.  She works there and in this case face-to-face communication was easier to arrange. 

            We talked about her son wandering around the classroom and talking out of turn.  He’d say he just wanted a Kleenex, but he couldn’t do that without distracting other students and his favorite time to do this was shortly after I’d gotten the class settled into the reading.  I had already tried talking to him after class and before class. 

            His mother contacted me because she was concerned he was not showing me proper respect.  He had been going home and talking about it like his behavior was funny.  She wanted to let me know she supported me and she thought his behavior was spurred by greater attention being shown to an older sibling who was on the Homecoming court.  With Homecoming over she thought the behavior would end. 

            We decided to see if this was the cause.  I also expressed concern for his grade because he was just below passing.  He had stopped turning things in and had taken to guessing on vocabulary tests instead of studying.  I said I would accept any missing vocabulary assignments by Monday and I would be available to help him study for the next test if he wanted the help.  She said she’d tell him and I said I’d remind him in class the next day. 

            A week later we had a follow up conversation.  I let her know his in-class behavior had improved but he had not turned in the missing assignments.  She thanked me for being willing to accept his assignments late and saidit washis decision not to turn them in.  I thanked her again for her support and help.