US History

US History



Course Outcomes:

  • Has knowledge of the people, history, and traditions that have shaped our local communities, our nation, and the world.
  • Identify key time periods in United States History as well as the people and events involved.
  • Has knowledge of our nation’s founding documents, civic institutions, and political processes.
  • Is aware of issues and events that have an impact on people at local, state, national, and global levels.
  • Asks meaningful questions and is able to analyze and evaluate information and ideas.
  • Can write with a historical perspective and knows how to conduct research as a historian.
  • Build an academic vocabulary relating to United States History.       




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Other Resources:






 Illinois history fair information can be found at

History Fair due dates:

August 26- Introduction to Project. Topic due Sept. 2

 Septemeber 2- Collect Topics. Introduce source cards. Five source cards due Sept. 12

 September 7- Return Topics with feedback. Introduce thesis. Thesis statement due September 12

 September 12- Check thesis and source cards for grade. Peer revision of thesis statement and peer evaluation of sources worksheet due in class. Five more source cards due Sept. 19

 September 19- Go over how to do note cards. First 10 note cards due Sept. 26

 September 26- Collect first ten note cards.

 September 30 - Hand back first ten cards with feedback. 30 notecards due Oct. 7

 75 note cards due Oct. 19

 October 7- Bring note cards and source cards to class. Outline and introductory paragraphs due Oct. 14.

 October 14- Introductory paragraph and outline due.

 October 17- Hand back revisions of outline and introductory paragraph. Citations assignment for homework due Oct. 19. First draft due Oct. 26

 October 19-Citations assignment due. Check 75 note cards.

 October 26- Collect 1st drafts. Bring second copy for peer revision.

 November 9- Return first drafts. In class time for revisions and additional research. Second draft due Nov. 18

 November 18- Collect 2nd draft.  Discuss works cited and display board. Final copy with works cited due Dec. 5. Presentation signup.

 December 5- Collect final copies.

 December 14-20 Presentations