Course Outcomes:

  •  Identify different type of government systems in the world.
  • Explain the process of how the United States gained their independence and the influences the founders had in writing the Constitution.
  • Understand the three branches of government, their purpose, workings, and how each branch checks the powers of the other two branches.
  • Understand the workings of Illinois government both on a state and local level.
  • Pass both the United States Constitution Test and the Illinois Constitution Test for completion of the course.
  • Learn how to participate in civic life as well as participate in government simulations that show how our government system works.
  • Students will build an academic vocabulary relating to government.




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Course Schedule:

Week 1: What is the purpose of government?, types of government, influences on the creation of our government

Week 2: Articles of Confederation, Constitutional convention, Constitution

Week 3: amending the Constitution, federalism, interstate relations

Week 4: test, voting, elections

Week 5: participating in government, influences on our perception of government, interest groups

Week 6: legislative branch foldables, gerrymandering, political parties

Week 7: political parties, committees, support staff

Week 8: how a bill becomes a law, powers of congress, taxing and spending, test

Week 9: president intro, roles of the president, convention

Week 10: electoral college, presidential powers, cabinet and executive office

Week 11: White House tour, who is qualified to be president, test

Week 12: federal court system, Supreme Court, amendments

Week 13: amendments, flag code, citizenship, quiz, Constitution test review

Week 14: Constitution test review

Week 15: review, Constitution test, IL government

Week 16: IL government, IL Constitution test

Week 17: Bureaucracy, law, comparative systems, final project

Week 18: final