Current Events

Modern Problems

Current Events is a class designed to discuss current events that affect our community, nation, and the globe. We will be participating in a number of authentic activities to engage you not only as learners but as future leaders. Be prepared to discuss, debate, and problem solve in this class as we look at the consequences of our actions. This does mean that as events occur, our curriculum may change despite the course schedule. I need you to be flexible, but at the same time I am open to suggestions from you as to the curriculum. If you hear of an event that you feel is relevant and worthwhile to discuss please inform me so we can add it to the class. Hopefully through cooperation of student and teacher we will be able to create a meaningful curriculum that enlightens you to the workings of the world.

Textbook: None, but individual articles for reading materials will be given out. These reading materials are CLASS copies not personal. Do not write on or markup the copies unless instructed otherwise.

Other Resources:;