Geography II

Geography II

Textbook: World Geography: Building a Global Perspective. Prentice Hall


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Course Schedule:

This schedule is to be used as a rough guideline and is subject to change.


Week 1: five themes of geography, map skills, cultures, genome exploration, ethnicity project

Week 2: early civilizations/changing powers, industrial world, problems and interdependence, test

Week 3: geography & climate of Africa, civilizations and kingdoms, patterns of life, impact of imperialism and the slave trade, independence and development

Week 4: in-depth country study

Week 5: issues in Africa, AIDS, apartheid, culture, art & literature, test on Africa

Week 6: geography & climate of South Asia, early civilizations, religion, empires, life & British rule, politics & economy, changing lifestyles

Week 7: in-depth country study

Week 8: issues today, art & literature, test on S. Asia, geography and traditions of Southeast Asia, patterns of life

Week 9: European influence/imperialism, politics, wars

Week 10: in-depth country study

Week 11: economy, culture, S.E. Asia test, geography of Australia and New Zealand, history & growth

Week 12: islands of Oceania, in-depth country study

Week 13: test Australia, NZ, & Oceania, geography and empires of China, traditions and lifestyles, imperialism & revolution, People’s Republic of China & economy

Week 14: changes in lifestyle, relation to world, literature & art, in-depth country study

Week 15: in-depth country study

Week 16: China test

Week 17: final review

Week 18: final