Ancient World

Ancient World

Course Outcomes:

·         Students will understand characteristics of ancient civilizations.

·         Students will understand how ancient civilizations influenced each other and led to modern society.

·         Students will be able to identify key civilizations, their contributions to society, important people from each civilization, and the time period the civilization existed.

·         Students will be able to locate where civilizations developed.

·         Students will build an academic vocabulary relating to ancient world history.


Textbook: World History: Patterns of Civilization. Prentice Hall


Upcoming Assignments:


Other Resources:


Course Schedule:

This schedule is to be used as a rough guideline and is subject to change.


August 23:

Overview of Syllabus; introductory assignment


August 24:


Quiz over prehistory August 26


August 26:

Quiz on prehistory/Intro to Egypt

introduce Egypt project due Sept. 9


August 31:

Pyramids/ Mummification

begin mummification experiment


September 2:

Chicken mummification

Project work day


September 7:

Project work day

Egyptian Art due Sept. 14


September 9:

Egypt project presentations

Family and social structure


September 10:



September 14:

Hammurabi’s Code/other cultures of ancient middle East


September 16:

Finish ancient middle east/review for quiz


September 21:

Quiz on ancient Middle East

Ancient India


September 23:

Ancient China/ review for quiz


September 24: Homecoming

Quiz over India and China

Greek Gods/introduce Greek gods project due Oct. 7



September 28:

Minoans, Myceneans, Troy


September 30:

Project work day


October 5:

Greek Geography, city-states, Sparta/Athens



October 7:

Greek gods presentations

Spartan/Persian introduction


October 12:

Thermopylae/Last Stand of the 300


October 14:

Last Stand of the 300 continued/Peloponnesian war


October 19:

Alexander the Great/Review for test


October 21:

Test over Ancient Greece/Roman Republic


October 22:

Roman Republic/Punic War

Introduce Roman architecture project due November 9


October 26:

Effects of Roman conquests/Roman reforms

Work day half class


October 28: 11:30 dismissal (no afternoon classes)


November 2:

Roman emperors


November 4:

Work day


November 5:

Fall of Rome/Review for test


November 9:



November 16:

China empires

Introduce castle project due November 30


November 18:

Germanic Tribes and feudalism

Partial research day


November 19:

research day


November 23:

Castle Movie


November 30:

Castle presentations/100 Year war


December 2:

Byzantine and Islam


December 7:



December 9:

Reformation & Counter Reformation


December 10:



December 14:



December 16:

Exploration: Central America, America, Africa


December 17:

Absolute Monarchs