State and Local

Course Outcomes:

·         Students will understand why the geography and location of Illinois was important for its development.

·         Students will analyze how Illinois and the settlers who lived here changed over time and the influences that resulted in these changes.

·         Students will identify key locations in Illinois on a map.

·         Students will identify significant time periods in Illinois history including early pioneers, Civil War, industrialization, Chicago.

·         Students will analyze the government systems of Illinois.

·         Students will understand the local history of Fulton County and Avon.

·         Students will build an academic vocabulary relating to state and local history terms.


Upcoming Assignments:


Other Resources:


Course Schedule:


This course is to be used as a rough outline and is subject to change.


August 23:

Overview of Syllabus; introductory assignment


August 24:

Illinois Geography and map practice


August 26:

Local History Scavenger Hunt

Assign Family History project due Sept. 7


August 31:

Avon Local history research project due September 9


September 2:

Avon local history


September 7:

Avon local history


September 9:

Avon local history project due


September 10:

Native Americans in IL

Native American assignment due Sept. 21


September 14:

Native American presentations


September 16:

French Settlements


September 21:

Northwest Ordinance and Lewis and Clark


September 23:

Review for test: IL geography, Avon history, and early IL history


September 24: Homecoming

Test; New Madrid Earthquake

October 5:

Pioneers in IL


September 28:

IL Constitution


September 30:

IL government


October 7:

Review for test over pioneers and IL government


October 12:

Test; Black Hawk War


October 14:

Black Hawk War continued


October 19:

Bishop Hill

Utopian Community Project due October 22



October 21:

Nauvoo and Mormons


October 22:

Illinois and Michigan Canal and Morrill Land Grant


October 26:

John Deere


October 28: 11:30 dismissal (no afternoon classes)

Open Notes Test


November 2:

Underground Railroad in IL


November 4:

Abraham Lincoln


November 5:

Lincoln Douglas Debates

Campaign poster due November 9


November 9:

Lincoln in the White House


November 16:

IL and the Civil War


November 18:

Review for test



November 19:

Test; Chicago



November 23:

Chicago Fire


November 30:

Introduce Ethnic Villages

Ethnic Village Project due December 9


December 2:



December 7:



December 9:

Ethnic Village presentations; Railroads in IL


December 10:

Review for Final


December 14:



December 16:

20th Century IL


December 17:

Civil Rights movement in IL