Anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht Webquest

Jewish family wearing yellow stars



As you explore the topic of Anti-Semitism you will be asked to complete your Anti-Semitism journal. As a historian, you are to look at the journal prompts of a person experiencing the Anti-Semitic events prior to the Holocaust but are not exactly sure what is going on around them. Through the exploration of the websites you are to figure out what was going on in Germany at this time and make sense of the diary. After you have gained an understanding of both Anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht, you are to find two newspaper articles. The first article is to be an example of hatred that still exists in the world today; however, it is not limited to Anti-Semitism but can be hatred toward any group. The second article should be an example of people working to prevent hatred and working together for peace. The articles should be within the past six months.

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