Anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht Webquest



To  Begin:

1. Read all directions and questions before starting! Use the WebQuest journal given to you by your teacher to answer the questions in.

2. For your first entry read this information about Anti-Semitism. Here you will define Anti-Semitism and look at the history behind the hatred. Answer the questions that go with journal entry one.


1. Germany 1934,

People keep using the word Anti-Semitism all around me. I don’t understand what they mean or where this word comes from. All I seem to know is that it’s not a kind word and it has to do with Jewish people.

  • Come up with a definition of Anti-Semitism.
  • Describe the history of Anti-Semitism and how it has lasted until the 1930s.

3. Next look at this information on Pogroms. Here you will define pogroms and look at the history of pogroms in other countries. Answer the questions that go with journal entry two.

  2. Germany 1937,

People keep saying they are grateful that there hasn’t been any pogroms yet. I am grateful for that too I guess although I am not completely sure what a pogrom is…

  • What is a pogrom and where does the word come from?
  • What is the history behind pogroms?

4. Go to the Kristallnacht Online Exhibit.

Read the Historical Overview and then answer the questions that go with journal entry three.

Then click on the Synagogues and answer the questions that go with journal entry four.

Third click on Jewish Business read the information and answer the questions that go with journal entry five.

 Finally, go to the Jewish Emigration from Germany link, read the information, and answer the questions that go with journal entry six.

3.Germany 1938,

My town looks like it has been destroyed. People are calling last night Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. Who would want to do this to us?

  • What was the Night of Broken Glass?
  • What event caused people to act in this way?
  • Who actually destroyed Jewish property?

4. Germany 1938,

I looked down the block today and saw the smoking remains of the synagogue we attended. I heard that people had been destroying synagogues but I never expected I would lose mine.

  • Why would Nazis target synagogues as a way of destroying Jews?
  • How do you think this would make the Jews feel?

5.Germany 1938,

My father was one of the few business owners left in our area. His store was destroyed last night. With the money we owe Hitler for the damages and the cost of repairing the store, I don’t think my dad can continue being a business owner. What will we do?

  • How did the Nazis attempt to drive out business owners?
  • Who was blamed for the damages done to Jewish stores and forced to pay for repairs? Why?

6. Germany 1939,

I am beginning to feel scared. Many of my friends have already left Germany to try and find a better life somewhere else. We are beginning to talk of leaving too. It’s just not that easy.

·        Explain the problems Jews faced in leaving Germany from both the Nazis and other countries.

5. Choose one of the News Databases below and search for two news articles one showing hatred and one showing peace or tolerance. Print these articles off and show them to the teacher. You will need to read over these articles and save them for a later class period.

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Tribune

New York Times

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