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Anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht Webquest

“For Teachers”:


Illinois Learning Standards that are met with this lesson:

State Goal 16: Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations.

·    16.A. Apply the skill of historical analysis and interpretation.

 16.A.3b Make inferences about historical events and eras using historical maps

  and other historical sources.

·    16.D. Understand Illinois, United States and world social history.

  16.D.3 (W) Identify the origins and analyze the consequences of events that have     

  shaped world social history including famines, migrations, plagues, slave    



·    Students could research the history of pogroms and see how they existed in countries other than Germany.

·    Students could write a short story about what it would have been like to experience Kristallnacht.

Learner Modifications:

  • Reading or Visual impairment: A way to accommodate these students could be to have the WebQuest be done in pairs so that the partner can help with the reading or read the material out loud. Or the material could be recorded so that students would look at the sites while listening to the information and still do the assignment individually.
  • Gifted Student: If the student completes the task early have him or her research Russia and see how their pogroms compared with those in Germany. Or if the student does well with computers and other students are struggling with computer use ask the student to help other students.

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