Trench Part Two

Part Two


  •     The area between the trenches was known as no man’s land. This area would be filled with barbed wire and bombs as a way to keep enemies from advancing. These defenses were called trench blocks.

Trench Block: A obstacle made to be placed in a trench to hinder the movement of enemy raiding parties. Trench blocks were commonly found in communications trenches. They were usually kept out of the way of movement until a trench was in danger of being overrun. If the trench was overrun, the retreating defenders would put the block in place and move to a support position.


Question for reflection: Imagine calling these trenches home for years. Could you imagine your main source of shelter as being dirt walls that you were responsible for digging and maintaining? Any gained land would mean that you would have to redig trenches unless you took over the enemies. How much labor would be involved with building this series of trenches?


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