Trench Conclusion


This completes your study of trench warfare. Hopefully, you learned a little about what life was like for soldiers during WWI. Trench warfare was a strenuous way of fighting as soldiers were responsible for maintaining the trenches and redigging trenches when they gained new territory. The problem with trench warfare is that battles would be fought for long periods of time with little to no gain of land. This could be very frustrating because the soldiers were fighting without seeing any real benefits to their work. As you leave this WebQuest, take with you the idea of what it would have been like to live for years in these trenches, and how it must have been to face the conditions they did with little to no break. Could you have survived as a soldier during WWI?

If you have finished early, feel free to view these video clips of trench warfare.

Pumping Water out of trenches

Preparing Trenches

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