Consumer Education

Consumer Education

 Course Outcomes:

  • Students will have basic economic skills to survive in the real world.
  • Students will analyze the positives and negatives to different savings and investment techniques.
  • Students will identify marketing strategies and analyze how advertising affects our lives.
  • Students will look at different ways to prepare for retirement.
  • Students will learn what skills are necessary to get a job and maintain a job.
  • Students will build an academic vocabulary relating to consumer education.


  Textbook:        Consumer Education & Economics. Glencoe McGraw-Hill. 2008.

                        Succeeding in the World of Work. Glencoe McGraw-Hill. 2008.


Course Schedule:

This schedule is to be used as a rough guideline and is subject to change.

Day 1

7 steps in the decision making process/setting lifestyle goals; Begin Semester Consumer Ed project: Goals due set date

Day 2

Managing resources/opportunity cost/evaluating information; Resource manager component due set date

Day 3

Consumer powers and protecting identity

Day 4

Ethics, Citizenship, and environmental awareness; Review for Test

Day 5

Test; Living within means and financial planning

Day 6

Budgeting, keeping records, and seeking professional advice; Budgeting due set date 

Day 7

Banks and comparing financial institutions; Selecting a Financial institution due set date

Day 8

Checking Accounts; Checking Account ledger due set date

Day 9

SavingsSavings Assignment due set date 

Day 10

Earning through Savings

 Day 11


Day 12

Test; Career choices 

Day 13

Career Choices; Career Assignment due set date

 Day 14


Day 15

Credit; Credit Assignment due set date

Day 16

Advertising; Career related advertisement due set date

Day 17

Purchasing power

Day 18


Day 19

Test; Housing; Assign living assignment due next class

Day 20

Housing and Insurance

Day 21


Day 22

Health Care and Nutrition

Day 23 

Transportation and Clothing 

Day 24

Leisure Time and Technology; Review 

Day 25


Day 26

Principles of Investing; Investing assignment due set date 

Day 27

Retirement Planning and Stock Market 

Day 28

Other forms of Investment and Estate Planning 

Day 29


Day 30

Taxes and Social Security

 Day 31


Day 32

Test; Economics 

Day 33


Day 34

Measures of the Economy

Day 35:

World Economy

 Day 36:

Final Review 

Day 37:


 Day 38:

Work Skills