All about me

            A little about your child’s life science teacher:

            My Family:  My name is Jeanne Bayer.  I am married.  My husband is self employed as an engineer in        the power construction industry.  We have a daughter and son.  They are both married and I have one granddaughter 7 months old and another granddaughter on the way, due Sept. 2.  Our family includes a 16 year old cat, and two miniature dachsunds, seven and one years old. 

           Educational background:  My educational background includes a degree in nursing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a degree in secondary science from UGA, and a Master’s degree in Science Education from Brenau University.  I am a National Board Certified teacher in Young Adolescent Science.   I  participated in a National Science Foundation Grant Study in Project Based Inquiry through Georgia Tech.  including doing field studies for a textbook published by "Its About Time". 

           Work ExperienceI worked in medical surgical nursing for 10 years including Director of Inservice Education at a small hospital in North Carolina.  I was a stay at home mom for 10 years.  Then I returned to school to become a science teacher.  This is my eighteenth year at TRMS teaching Life Science.  I consider education an ongoing process for all people regardless of age or experience.  I will be learning new things from your child as well as guiding them in their exploration of the living world. 

          My expectations for your child:  I would like to see your child bring to class his or her unique talents and use them as we explore together the living world.  I would like to see every child work up to their potential and strive to do their best by completing homework on time and participating in class in a cooperative and respectful manner.