What is happening with the casino business in the US during the pandemic?

The American gambling business is calling for help! Coronavirus has already laid off hundreds of thousands of people. And without the support of the state, several million gambling industry employees may end up on the sidelines. Business calls for government support. However, nobody knows if the power will hear gambling pleas. 


Coronavirus paralyzed US gambling

The epidemic has affected all areas of life. Gambling is no exception. According to the American Game Association, 95% of commercial casinos in the United States were closed voluntarily before the introduction of official prohibitions by the authorities. Their example was followed by 76% of tribal casinos - gambling establishments located on Indian reserves.

Only in the field of land-based casinos, 616 thousand people are now without work; this figure is increasing every day. 350 thousand people from this sad list, face financial difficulties. 

Las Vegas was particularly affected. The city, created for tourists from all over the world, is now a miserable sight. In Nevada, 206 thousand workers of the gambling business are currently sitting at home.

The authorities are in no hurry to help

U.S. President Donald Trump recently signed a law to combat economic problems during the coronavirus. The authorities allocated $ 2.2 trillion to support the economy. However, the list of companies that receive state support did not include those whose gambling accounted for more than a third of their income.

Under the law, it is planned to allocate $ 349 billion to companies in the form of Paycheck Program Protection type loans. Its essence is that the state will “forgive” these loans to companies that will not dismiss a single employee within eight weeks. In this case, the obtained loan should be directed to the salaries of employees, payment of utility bills, rent or interest on the mortgage. The program is designed until June 30, 2020.

AGA is sounding the alarm!

The US Gaming Association is outraged that the business was not included in the assistance program. AGA CEO Bill Miller called the non-inclusion of gambling companies on the list “a clear oversight” and has already sent a letter to Donald Trump asking for a review of the decision.

According to AGA estimates, right now about 1.8 million people are employed in the US gambling industry. In many states, the main tax revenues come to the budget from the gambling business. Casinos alone bring about $ 41 billion in taxes to the country's budget.

It seems the gambling association will succeed. The AGA letter has already been supported by 14 members of the US Congress. Openly supported Democratic Senator Jackie Rosen and Republican Mike Rounds. They noted that many communities in the United States are directly dependent on gambling. Depriving it of support means putting these agglomerations in the face of the economic crisis.

Therefore, while a lot of casinos are working on going online to continue giving players great experience and emotions, here is a list of activities for gamblers to do on quarantine. Among the first one to go online was Las Vegas Usa casino, that now provides great benefits and bonuses from no account casinos!


Quarantine To Do`s


  1. Experiment with food. No one bothers you to order delivery, but if you wish, food during isolation can be turned into entertainment and even challenge: try to study your stocks and come up with a dish made of what was lying on the shelves or in the refrigerator. At the same time, you can check the expiration dates and throw away everything that already looks more like biological weapons than food.

  2. Analyze your spending. The amount of money you gain does not matter, as the lack of a program and the ability to handle finances will make a difference at long last. We recommend spending free hours at home on your future wellbeing if you don't have much financial discipline. You may start by taking expenses into account in the last months or weeks ("where did the half-earning go?"). Besides, it is possible to set some payments in an automatic way or open a saving account. You can also save money for some particular purpose, maybe a vacation. The main thing is to be realistic and then not to deviate from the chosen course.

  3. Try simple meditation. The quarantine can be a good opportunity to remain silent and begin to meditate. You can do this on your own or with a guided meditation application - these usually have a free trial period, during which you can decide whether to buy the full version. One of the simple meditation options that many have tried in a fitness yoga class is a body scan. You need to relax and shift your focus to random body parts. Slide your attention from the crown to the toes (or vice versa).

Sleep off. Even if you work the same number of hours, now you do not need to spend time on the road - and, what is already there, on choosing clothes and laying in the morning. Use quarantine to get up later and go to bed early - this is not the only way to cope with evening boredom, but it is one of the most useful. Snoozing for an hour in the afternoon is also an option; in two weeks, you will have a good rest.