Lab Assignments

Work on this activity Tuesday and Wednesday during class time.  Oral presentations are due Thursday!!

Materials needed for Constellation Card Ring Activity

Compass with a pencil


Cardstock paper or poster board

Single Hole Punch


One Pen, Pencil, Colored Pencil or Marker

Card ring or Chain

Access to Internet for research

One Flashlight per school

Optional:  paper, glue, skymaps


Directions for Constellation Card Ring Activity


I.                     Using the skymaps or the internet, choose 11 of the 88 constellations that are most interesting to you.

II.                  Research the legends behind each constellation.  Summarize the legends.

III.                Using the compass, draw a circle with a 4 inch diameter on the cardstock paper or poster board and cut out.

IV.                Punch a hole in the top of the circle.

V.                  Write or glue the legend on the back of the circle.

VI.                Using a ruler for aid in aligning star positions, place a dot with a marker (pen or pencil) to represent each star in the constellation on the front of each circle.  Outline the constellation by connecting the dots.

VII.              Using the sharp end of the compass (or a pencil), poke a hole through the “star dots” from front to back.

VIII.            Continue as above for each of the 11 constellations you have chosen.  You will have 11 cards with a hole in the top of each.  Place these cards on the card ring or chain.

IX.                Using a flashlight, shine the light on the back of each card to view the constellation on the wall.

X.                  Present the constellation legend to the class as an oral presentation.  Tell which culture the legend comes from and the story of the legend as well as what Americans today call the constellation.

When all oral presentations are finished you are to hand in your constellation card ring and your facilitator will mail them to me in a manila folder.  You will be graded on the card activitity as well as the oral presentation.