Class Notes

It is YOUR responsibility to take notes EACH day in class.  I will not print you a copy of my notes.  Taking notes is very useful for remembering material. The notes you take will be your study guide for exams.

It is important for you to create good study habits for distance learning classes.  Below are study hints that will help prepare you to be successful.

1.  Re-write your notes every day from beginning to end.

2. Listen intensely during class.

3. Study at least 20 minutes every day.  Do not wait until the day before the exam to start your study.

4. Attend all classes.  Make up work PROMPTLY when you are absent.  Get notes from someone else in your classroom who was present the day you missed.  

5. Quickly scan each chapter before attending class.  Look at the headings, pictures and diagrams within the chapter.  Do not spend a lot of time reading the chapter.  Scan the chapter to get an idea of what I will discuss for the upcoming class. Be diligent in taking notes!

6. Do all the assigned problems/questions, yourself.  First, try it for yourself based on what I have taught you in class then if you cannot answer the problem/question you should look for a solution and/or approach to the answer given in your notes and in the chapter.

7.  If you have problems understanding the material, make a note of it and ask questions during class.  Often one part is building on the previous one, so it is important to resolve problems when they are encountered rather than when the problems have gotten insurmountable.

8. Study all the examples, pictures, diagrams, and models in the book very carefully.  Be sure you understand and are using the proper "perspective" when viewing the graphics.

9.  A proven effective way to study is to work in small groups after you have studied the material for yourself first.

I am here to help you learn.  I encourage you to use me as your primary resource person; however, it is your responsibility to seek help.