Rules of the Classroom

Rules of the Classroom

Give me five!: There are five rules in this classroom. When I want to remind students of the rules. I will say Give me Five!. For the first couple of weeks, we will repeat the rules. Once students have the routine, down I will say Give me Five! and they will make sure they are following all the rules.

1. Eyes are watching

2. Ear are listening

3. Lips are quiet

4. Hand and feet to yourself

5. Caring hearts

Positive Reinforcements:

· Throughout the day students will be reminded of good behavior through positive reinforcements.

· Students will receive smiles, high fives, notes home and positive statements.

· Puzzle Pieces: During the first week, students will receive a puzzle piece which they will decorate. The completed puzzle will hang on the wall. If the students puzzle piece is on the wall at the end of the day, they will receive a stamp. When students receive a designated number of stamps they can pick a prize from the prize box.  Number of stamps may change based on each child’s behavior.

Negative Consequences: 

Logical consequences will be used when and where appropriate. Consequences will be performed in this order.

· Warning: Students will receive a warning.

· Puzzle piece removal: Student will remove their puzzle piece.

· Time out: Students will go to a designated area of the room and sit for a couple of minutes. 

· Note/call home: Parent/guardian will receive a note or call home.

Proactive Approaches to Classroom Management:

· Procedures and routines: Students will learn numerous  procedures that will later become routines. Some procedures students will be responsible for are: morning routines, restroom, lunch/dinner, etc.

· Greeting: The teacher will greet each student every morning.

· Talking: The teacher will talk and interact with the students to learn about the students and make them feel safe and cared for.